Working in tech isn't easy, which is why so many companies are willing to dole out perks to keep employees engaged. 

Here's look at the best ones on offer today, as rounded up by New York Magazine

Drop-off Service From laundry to dry-cleaning to car wash and repair, there's no limit to all the things you'll get done at your desk. Apparently Evernote employees are treated to "semi-monthly housecleaners" and Googlers can pick up groceries on their way home from work. 

Dogs Welcome Facebook isn't so into it, but most startups seem happy to let you take your dog to work. Google, ModCloth and Thrillist are just three of them. 

Liquor Tastings Thrillist hosts these regularly, while Warby Parker established its own fun committee solely for the purpose of planning social events, like a pickling demonstration.  

[via New York Magazine]