As expected, Derek Cianfrance's The Place Beyond the Pines is a hit in its first weekend released to specialty box offices. Only four theaters in Los Angeles and NYC are showing the film, but according to the LA Times, that hasn't stopped it from raking in a total of $270,184 this weekend - which, at roughly $67,546 per screen, makes this limited debut a huge success.

The critics seem to be loving the film as well: At best, it's been described as a "stunner," and The Atlantic Wire even called it "the best film of 2013." Not for nothing, too - Cianfrance reportedly made the actors go through deep method training to prepare for their roles, which included Ryan Gosling spending two months working with a motorcycle stuntman for six hours a day, and Bradley Cooper moving in with his onscreen wife Rose Byrne for a week. Dedication like none other.

Not in LA or NYC? No worries: The film expands to select cities on April 5th, and then nationwide on April 12th.

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[via LA Times]