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Netflix Eyeing Moochers for its Next Move, As a result of losing 800,000 customers in the third quarter of 2011 Netflix hiked its monthly prices. They plan on cracking down on piracy even further in the months to come. (4/22)

Is the iBeetle Cool Enough to Buy?, Volkswagen takes their Apple products very seriously. So much so that they’ve designed an entire car to work around the iPhone 5. Would this be something you would buy? (4/22)

AP Twitter Hack Sends Stock Markets Tumbling, The Associated Press was hacked early Tuesday morning with reports of explosions going off in the White House. What followed was sheer chaos. (4/23)

Facebook Is Building a 1 Billion Data Center in Iowa, The project, which goes by the code name "Catapult," will be built in two $500 million phases, bringing the total cost somewhere near $1.5 billion. Neither Facebook nor state leaders would comment on the project, but apparently Facebook is seeking wind energy production tax credits. (4/23)

Reddit Regrets Boston Online Witch Hunt, What began as a noble endeavor quickly spiralled into an online witch hunt as Reddit users desperately tried to pinpoint the suspects behind the Boston bombings last week. In many ways, the platform helped, delivering pizzas to ailing victims in hospitals, providing therapy dogs and donating relief funds. But the community fell short, as General Manager Erik Martin wrote in a blog post Monday. (4/23)

Everything We Know About the Google X Phone (So Far), Check out everything we know about the new wave of Android phones that are coming out of the Google/Motorola merger. (4/24)

Apple Celebrates a Decade of iTunes, Apple turned 10 by recapping their decade of success with a cool new timeline. It went from having a modest 200,000 songs to over 25 billion. Check out what else they’ve achieved. (4/24)

Twitter Says It's Working on Two-Step Authentication, Hours after news broke of the AP Twitter hack, the micro-blogging platform announced it was working on two-step authentication. (4/24)

Bill Clinton Joins Twitter With Help From Colbert, Welcome to 2013 Bill! Check out his Twitter feed at @BillClinton. (4/25)

More NYC Subway Stations Get Free Wi-Fi, Citizens Rejoice, New York City is final introducing Wi-Fi hotspots in subway stations. Now the people of New York can keep in touch, even underground. (4/25) 

The President Is Finally on Vine. Should We Even Care? The beauty of both Vine and Twitter is the impossibility of achieving coherence through them. They strip away space for qualifiers, second thoughts, self-criticism, and elaboration. They transform human exchange into a long winding coil of autodidactic proclamations published by individuals implicitly defending the worth of their platforms and the rigor of their knowledge. (4/26)