Frank Cheatham, a veteran employee of the Phoenix fire department, is suing the city because penis drawings and vagina-shaped pasta were an workplace distraction. According to a federal lawsuit filed last week, Cheatham saw "very immature graffiti" that rubbed him the wrong way:

In approximately November 2009, while acting in his official capacity as a "Deputy Chief Shift Commander" of "South Shift Command," Chief Cheatham saw several inappropriate, sexually suggestive drawings and items—specifically, two depictions of a penis and testicles—openly displayed in the workplace at Fire Station 1.

Cheatham said that this created a hostile work environment. He informed supervisors that this behavior was unacceptable, and their response was less than desireable:

Soon after Chief Cheatham complained of the inappropriate sexual drawings and items, when he was exercising at a gym located at the Phoenix Fire Department, he saw a t-shirt bearing another drawing of a penis and testicles draped over a piece of gym equipment.

That's nothing. Cheatham really didn't like this one:

Soon thereafter, Chief Cheatham received a large brown envelope in interoffice mail containing two small pieces of pasta, one of which resembled a penis and the other of which resembled a vagina.

The piece of pasta resembling a vagina had Chief Cheatham's first name ("Frank") written on it.

The complaint states that Cheatham was demoted from his position for raising a stink, which is a pretty serious punishment. This guy can't catch a break, can he?

[via Gawker]