Date: June 2010
Location: San Bernadino

A Fontana man was arrested by San Bernadino Sheriff's Deputies after being pulled over and caught with 40,000 pounds of drugs inside of an 18-wheeler. Those 40,000 pounds of drugs consisted of 38,000 pounds of marijuana. The trouble began for 32-year-old Fernando Luevano when police pulled him over and noticed discrepancies with the paperwork for his vehicle. Deputies also smelled the scent of marijuana, and after Luevano allowed them to search the truck, they found thousands of heat-sealed packages containing drugs. The narcotics breakdown goes as follows: 67 pounds of meth, 2,750 pounds of coke and 38,000 pounds of weed. The combined value of the drugs was $45 million, and once again, 95 percent of that was marijuana.