Publisher: Outside Directors Company Limited
Year: 1995

We have no idea what the shelf life of a human soul is, but we're guessing it's more than 49 days. That's how this barely psuedo-game begins. You die, your soul gets stolen by the island of Tong-Nou, ostensibly, for eating food (way to go, fattie), and if you don't get it back. You then weaken and eventually die in emptiness. Real fluffy stuff eh? Luckily for you, your buddy Yashiro lends you his sould to unravel the mystery.

It turns out that this beat up Ford Focus of a soul is only good for a month and a half. The island is just a giant, green, floating head that you have to enter through any orifice. Call it the video game equivalent of exploring all of Burt Reynold's Chi holes. This obscure, PC only freakshow was brought to you by the same people behind LSD: Dream Emulator. Thanks again, Japan. I was sick of getting a full eight hours of sleep a night.