This sounds like a scene from another terrible Waiting sequel. The New York Times Magazine's Food Issue did a feature on the "worst kitchen disasters" where it asked chefs in the city about  their most memorable (and least favorite) moments at work.

Vinegar Hill House chef Brian Leth recalls the time marijuana cookies infiltrated the kitchen of a "somewhat new restaurant." According to Leth, a line cook used "incredibly powerful marijuana butter" while preparing cookies. They were consumed by the entire staff, but only a fraction of them were aware of what they ate. 

Leth said he was able to maintain until someone ordered two côtesdeboeuf. He says he had to "get them down and butcher them," and that it took an hour before the guests were finally served. You know they were pissed. 

Some people can't pull of challenging tasks when they're high, which is precisely why it's safe to keep weed out of the workplace.

[via Gothamist]