How many hours have you spent scouring eBay for an out of print first appearance of Moon Knight? What about some limited edition Air Jordan 1 Japanese Exclusives? Good luck with that.

Rewarder is a new under the radar start-up that has reversed engineered online scavenger hunting. By having people post what they want and crowd-sourcing in order to find what they are looking for, users can find just about anything. Vintage Jordans, vacation plans, your old copies of Sea Quest; anything can be searched for.

Rewarder allows users to post monetary “Rewards” in exchange for information that addresses specific needs or questions solved by people who have the right knowledge, skills, and resourcefulness. Monetizing your specific skill set is kind of an amazing idea.

What do you know about? Need help planning your trip to Comic-Con in San Diego? Post a reward and someone will come along and help plan your itinerary. Someone was looking for a vintage Dungeons & Dragons dice set and look what Rewarder turned up. Sounds easier than trolling on Craigslist. Let us know what you think. And head here: Rewarder Mobile App to start scavenging.