Some people get sick of their surroundings. Matthew Devore is one of those people. The 24-year-old Logansport, IN native was arrested for drunk driving early Monday morning, and in a strange twist, he actually called the cops on himself. Devore decided it was best to involve the authorities after smacking his vehicle into a median on the highway. After driving off of the median, he noticed he had a flat tire. That's when he knew the fun was officially over.

Police arrived and arrested Devore, whose BAC was .09, putting him just over the legal limit. Devore's drunken ride was fueled by his desire to get out of Indiana. Apparently, he was "sick" of the state, so he "decided to go for a ride," bloody knuckles and all. Why were his knuckles bloody? He only punched a wall after playing darts, no big deal.

He was on a journey of self-discovery. That journey can start in jail.

[via Gawker]