Earlier this week, a disturbing video of a man in a hoodie savagely robbing a woman at the F train station in Borough Park, Brooklyn emerged. Yesterday, the suspect was arrestedthanks to the Internet. 21-year-old Aidan Folan has been charged with robbery and second degree assault for robbing 55-year-old Dina Perez back on Mar. 9. Not to slight the cops here, but the bulk of the detective work was done by a Gawker commenter.

After someone recognized Folan, his Facebook was hunted down and it was revealed that he studied Broadcast Journalism at St. Francis College and works at the Center for Family Park in Sunset Park. The name "Stugotz"which also appeared on the frat hoodie he wore the night of the crimecan also be seen on his page.

That's karma for you.

[via Gothamist]