In the latest edition of "Ask Amy," a weekly video where Amy Poehler answers questions from young girls around the country, the comedian addresses the terrible events in Boston.

A 16-year-old girl asks Poehler how to deal with the fact that her all her friends watch time-consuming and pointless YouTube videos all the time. She wants to know how to put a more positive message out there.

Poehler movingly relates this to all the video and photo coverage of the Boston Marathon bombing and its aftermath; obviously she's not the first to criticize some of the published photos or footage, which were often gruesome and perhaps exploitative.

The video is for Poehler's great website Smart Girls at the Party, which aims to educate and provide a positive community for young girls. Check out "Ask Amy" above—it's advice for teenage girls, but something we all could benefit from.

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[via Vulture]