While the first promo for Syrup certainly intrigued, we've gotta say, this new trailer does the film a lot more justice - and not just because it features a whole lot more of Amber Heard

In the film - which is based off of the 1999 book of the same name by Max Berry - Heard portrays an attractive corporate executive who catches the eye of a rising star marketing grad (Shiloh Fernandez), who's just hatched an idea for a new million dollar product. He's instantly taken by her for obvious reasons (and also, as he says, because she "markets" herself better than anyone he's ever met before), but she's probably not what she seems - if Brittany Snow's character has anything to say about it - and that causes a lot of issues for the poor guy. 

This new trailer is cut much differently than the first, in a good way - whereas before we didn't get much of a grasp of the plot, this promo makes the whole film seem a lot more coherent. Plus, did we mention more Amber Heard?

Syrup is set to be released on Video on Demand platforms May 2nd, and will hit theaters on June 7th.

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