Just about everyone has been weighing in on Justin Bieber's totally heartfelt message in the Anne Frank house guestbook - it included "Hopefully she would have been a belieber," how sweet - and now you can add 50 Cent and Mark Wahlberg to that list.

At last night's premiere of Wahlberg's new Michael Bay film Pain and Gain, Fiddy commented to Vulture that the teenage Holocaust victim would "probably would have been [a belieber]," before stating that Bieber has the potential to reach Michael Jackson-levels of fame: "He can be one of those guys who can eventually transition like that."

As for Wahlberg, his statement was more of a piece of advice for the singer. "I think it's best to put down the phone and Twitter and all that stuff, and just be a little more low-key right now," he told Vulture. "Because they're watching every move he makes, everything he says, and less is more. Go take a vacation." But what would all the preteen girls do with their lives if not retweet his constant status updates?

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[via Vulture]