Few games have ever received a nod from mainstream culture as a sign that they're acceptable. But Madden has received that pass which culminated when it's cover athlete was revealed on Espn2's SportsNation in Times Square back in 2012. 

On ESPN alone they use MLB The Show for demonstrations on Baseball Tonight, NCAA demonstrations for College Gameday and making of special's on ESPNU. Espn2 even ran seasons of a show featuring the best Madden gamers called Madden Nation which was a  joint venture with EA for a mutually beneficial relationship (if there's one thing ESPN knows it's how to make money).

Sure these are essentially paid ads; but hey if you're a Madden fan you finally have a reason to watch SportsNation besides the lovely Charissa Thompson and if you're a Show fan you finally have a reason to watch Baseball Tonight besides the lovely Karl Ravech.