Episode Title: "The Weight" (Season 4, Episode 4)

When we first met Furio Giunta in season two, he was breaking arms for Italian mob boss Annalisa Zucca. As part of a cars-for-strong-arms foreign exchange program, Furio moved to Jersey to serve as Tony's Right-Hand Ballbuster. And he did the title proud!

In "Big Girls Don't Cry," the fifth episode of season two, Furio lived up to his name when he came to collect a debt from a massage parlor owner and used whatever object he could find to get the job done—a gun, a bat, a prostitute, and even the dude's wife.

But by season four, Furio was the Italian Martha Stewart, hosting housewarming parties, wearing bedazzled shirts and teaching his female guests some old-school dancing techniques, including Carmela, with whom he's fallen in love. (Uh-oh. Cue Furio's hasty exit a few episodes later.)