The 30 Most Iconic "Saturday Night Live" Characters, in GIFs

Bill Hader as Stefon

Memorable Quote: "New York's hottest club is Gush. Club owner Gay Dunaway has built a fantasy world that answers the question, 'Noooow?' This place has everything: geeks, sherpas, a Jamaican nurse wearing a shower cap, room after room of broken mirrors, and look over there in the corner. Is that Mick Jagger? No. It's a fat kid on a slip 'n slide. His knees look like biscuits and he's ready to party."

Stefon is the worst, or, depending on your preferences, the best, tour guide of New York City. He suggests outlandish and pretty horrifying clubs to hit up that sound like nightmares of crystal meth addicts. While Seth Meyers repeatedly tries to get family-friendly destinations, Stefon continues to ramble off absurd club scenes. Even Hader himself can't help but to giggle at his character from time to time. 

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