Gamer: Sansoo Kim
Game: Batman: Arkham City

When Rocksteady conceived the Arkham series, they did an excellent job simplifying combat. A button to strike, a button to counter, a button to dodge all made it easy for the user to feel like a masked crime fighter. Seriously, if you could fight this well in real life, you'd have no problem strutting through Pakistan with a shirt that said USA #1 on the front and had a picture of two guys kissing on the back.

The key to getting a high score is stringing together large combos while avoiding shots by your enemies. By "high score," we mean about a million, not 3.9 million with a 440 hit combo. This player never even takes a breath to recalibrate as they shuffle from hit to brutal hit with combos so poetic we thought Maya Angelou had created an Xbox Live account.