A man in Canada recently got to the bottom of his pesky back pain: It turned out to be the blade of a knife that was stuck in his back three years ago. 32-year-old Billy McNeely was stabbed back in 2010 while attending a birthday party when an arm-wrestling contest escalated to the point that he was stabbed five times. According to McNeely, the doctors never ordered X-rays, hence how the blade remained lodged inside of him.

McNeely had always suffered from back pain, but the recent pain was something different. Earlier this week, he was scratching the lump in his back and felt something sharp. "My girlfriend got up and she started playing around with it and she manoeuvred my back in a certain way and the tip of a blade poked out of my skin," he said.

He was rushed to the hospital where doctors removed the 2.5-inch blade. According to reports, he has reached out to a lawyer and is strongly considering filing a lawsuit. Funny enough, he lives near a city named Yellowknife.

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[via Gawker]