It probably seemed like a good idea at the time.

Two residents of El Paso, TX were busted with weed inside of their ice cream truck. Nineteen-year-old Elijah Sanchez and 29-year-old Anthony Arellano were hit with charges of marijuana possession when police discovered two "tupperware [sic] bowls containing a green, leafy substance" inside of the vehicle. 

According to a police report from the El Paso County Sheriff's Office, police stopped the vehicle because it had a cracked windshield, However, Sanchez reportedly bailed on the vehicle, leading to a short, yet still inconvenient chase for police. Cops always make perps pay for running. 

Though the police report didn't specify whether or not Sanchez and Arellano were using the truck to sell weed, you can still listen to "Mr. Ice Cream Man" after reading this. Also, keep in mind that this episode unfolded near a high school.

[via The Huffington Post]