Unchecked emotions can lead to irrational behaviorand injury. 31-year-old Alfredo Malespini lll, a guard at the Federal Correctional Institution-McKean near Bradford, PA, severely injured his finger in a drunken attempt to remove his wedding ring. After an argument with his wife, he decided to take it off, but must've figured that shooting it off with a gun would be a more emphatic statement.

For the record, the gun shot did not remove the ring.

Police who responded to the call say they had been summoned to the residence before to address domestic disputes. Police say Malespini had been "drinking heavily" on the day of the shooting, and argued with his wife about an affair he had several months before.

Malespini was charged with disorderly conduct and received a citation for discharging a weapon within city limits. He was also charged with reckless endangerment. Police say he wasn't armed or confrontational when they arrived, most likely because he was in pain.

[via The Huffington Post]