Most Overrated Feature: The government
Most Overrated Person: Marco Rubio
Most Overrated Moment: The sequester

Roughly as expensive as New York, but without the gritty veneer that lets you hide your poverty under the guise of shabby chic, low-income folks report tough times in D.C. Much like New York and Los Angeles, there is an incredibly high turnover rate here. Rather than young folks leaving when they give up on their personal dream, they drastically alter their entire worldview when their boss loses re-election and/or compromises their principles. This lapse of faith will strike only after they've dedicated years to a low-paying gig that was filled with 12+ hour days.

We're told these painfully long weeks end in the bar, at midnight, wearing khakis and a lame tie, paying way too much for drinks, and talking endlessly about politics. The only people for young politicos to meet at these bars are other guys, as the nightlife scene has been described by many commentators as a veritable "sausage fest."  

Those who don't flee to other cities will eventually escape to the suburbs to start a family and avoid the middle-aged class of pasty tourists who have far fewer hot daughters than one might have hoped. They rest will continue to pay ten dollars for a beer as they speculate on their boss's re-election prospects, and attempt to stick it out for one more election cycle.