Most Overrated Feature: The indie music scene
Most Overrated Person: Chuck Palahniuk
Most Overrated Moment: 2001-2004

Portland has taken its fair share of ribbing over the last several years, as the backlash against the city's position as turn of the century hipster mecca has grown exponentially. Still, that hasn't stopped young people from continuing to move there "to retire," as Portlandia has put it.

Whether you're playing semi-pro tag, food-truck hopping, forming (yet another) artsy folk band, or meditating on new ways to recycle, there are all sorts of things to distract you from the fact that there is no meaningful employment. Those of us who live in more fast-paced cities lose a few friends to Portland every month, only to hear them glumly report back that the city is "BYOJ" (Bring Your Own Job).

Self-starers who have fled the laissez-faire city complain about getting next to nothing done during their time in Portland, as everyone had urged them to "just chill." One friend of ours said she was once blown off for a project because "it was raining." Mind you, the rainy season lasts two-thirds of the year.

You can now answer the age-old question of "what's worse than a hipster?" with "a hipster with Seasonal Affective Disorder who lives in Portland."