17 Mainstream Actors Who've Done Adult Films

Scott Schwartz

Mainstream credits: The Toy (1982), A Christmas Story (1983)
Adult credits: Scotty's X-Rated Adventure (1996), The Devil in Miss Jones 6 (1999)
Circumstance: Mainstream actor turned adult film star

He was the snotty brat in The Toy and the kid who gets his tongue stuck to the lamppost in A Christmas Story. But for Scott Schwartz, the rest of the '80s was lean times—just a handful of TV appearances on his resumé. Then in 1990, he showed up as the Jester in Beauty and the Beast II, a Paul Thomas-directed porn film, and thus began his decade of decadence.

Accounts say that his roles were all non-sexual, which seems silly. If you're going to besmirch what reputation you have left by doing adult films, you might as well do the sex part, right?

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