The best hoodies are fit and comfortable. You can wear it to brunch, transition into a mid-afternoon nap and have it on when you leave for the movies. Your favorite hoodie keep you warm and cozy for a long time until when you least expect it, a zipper malfunctions, the material at the elbows wears down and before you know it, you're saying "au revoir" to another favorite zip-up.

A product maker called Flint & Tinder is hoping to revolutionize the clothing industry by creating shirts and bottoms you can wear forever.

The 10-Year Hoodie on Kickstarter was built to last a lifetime. But, in any case (fight with a tiger, perhaps?), the company will replace your damaged sweatshirt for a decade's time (longer than most relationships, friendships and gym memberships last combined). You'll also be able to send the product in for free mending, so it lasts as long as your love for hoodies do.

The nearly indestructible sweatshirt is made in the U.S. including all labels, fabric and yarn. For now, Kickstarter backers can get their hands on a sturdy 10-year hood by pledging $89. The unisex sweatshirts currently come in five colors including red, blue, green, gray and black. With 36 days left on the crowdfunding platform, the project's current 4,630 backers have raised $514,749.

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