Chau Van has every right to be pissed of at the Oakland Police Department.

That's because van spent six months on a list of Oakland's "Most Wanted" criminals, even though he wasn't wanted for anything. Last February, a friend spotted his picture during a KTVU story that said he was responsible for a shooting. Van phoned attorney Stuart Hanlon, who reached out to the police. Police would confirm that no arrest warrant existed.

After laying low for a week, Van turned himself in. After being detained for three days, he was released without being charged. For inexplicable reasons, the Oakland Police decided to pop shit about bagging one of the city's most wanted criminals:

Yet on Feb. 14, the Oakland Police Department released a statement, "Most Wanted Turns Himself In," which began: "One of Oakland's four most wanted suspects has been taken off the streets. Last week, Oakland's Police Chief Howard Jordan named Van Chau as one of the City's four most wanted criminals. Today, the Oakland Police

Department reports that Van Chau is off the streets of Oakland and is safely behind bars after turning himself in due to media pressure. Chief Howard Jordan said, 'A week ago I stood with community members and asked the community to stand with me to fight crime and today we have one less criminal on our streets. Today a victim is one step closer to justice.'"

The press statement includes a mug shot of Van, and claims that he "was identified as the person responsible for assaulting his victim with a deadly weapon, leaving the victim hospitalized with serious head injuries, on December 9, 2011, at 12:23 a.m."

Van's response? A lawsuit naming the police department, the city and two media relations officers as defendants. He wants damages for false imprisonment, defamation, civil rights violations and the damning intentional infliction of emotional distress.

[via Gawker]