Scavenger hunts aren't reserved for children on EasterBwog got a hold of a list of items and tasks that pledges for a Columbia University fraternity are expected to locate or complete . Below is an excerpt, along with the accompanying points that they earn each pledge:

Picture with a man with a mullet: 3 pts

Harlem Shake video: 10 pts

Video doing a gallon smash: 15 pts

Plant a flag at the 9/11 Memorial: 10 pts

Homeless Man's shoe: 10 pts

Baby Cat: 20 pts

Nametag of a McDonald's worker: 5 pts

That's nothing, though. There's also the practice of "poonspeeding," which is eloquently described as "eating p**** while wearing a swimcap and goggles." For this impressive feat, pledges receive 25 points. Those Ivy League boys sure are classy, aren't they?

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[via Gothamist]