Song: N/A (Freestyle)
Level Of Embarrassment: Not Embarrassing

It seems like a recipe for shameful embarrassment: a white dude with dreads, wearing pajamas, speed-rapping like he's the third member of Das EFX in front of a crowd full of non-white peers. And had Kid 'n Play cast, say, David Faustino to play Jamal in House Party 2, that would've undoubtedly been the result. Fortunately, the fun-loving rap duo reached out a real-life MC for the role: Kamron (no Giles), one-fifth of the short-lived, all-white, and ironically named group Young Black Teenagers. Co-signed by Public Enemy, YBT weren't half bad, as evidenced by their underrated 1993 single "Tap the Bottle." Prefacing that track by two years, Kamron handles himself nicely in House Party 2.

Fun fact: Das EFX's debut LP, Dead Serious, didn't come out until 1992—could they have seen House Party 2 and caught some inspiration from Mr. Kamron? Probably not, but stranger things have happened. —MB