The 25 Worst Movies That Won Oscars

8. The Sandpiper (1965)

Award won: Best Original Song ("The Shadow of Your Smile")

In 1965, Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton were Hollywood's most enviable power couple—any of the poor bastards who actually watched Lindsay Lohan's recent Lifetime disaster Liz & Dick know the deal. Consider them the Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt of their time, except that, while today's A-list lovers have only made one movie together (Mr. and Mrs. Smith), Taylor and Burton co-starred in the same flicks several times.

The worst of their fictional romances is The Sandpiper, a plodding drama about a Beatnik mother (Taylor) and a married clergyman (Burton) who fall for one another. It's campy girl-meets-guy hokum disguised as serious melodrama, and the only reason audiences got duped by it in '65 was that The Sandpiper hit theaters in the wake of Taylor's divorce from Eddie Fisher and Burton's separation from Sybil Burton.

Imagine if Will Smith left Jada Pinkett at the same time that, say, Jessica Biel dumped Justin Timberlake, and then Smith and Biel started humping and then made a movie together. Don't act like you wouldn't be standing in line to see that on opening night.

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