First Appearance: Marvel Premiere #21 (1975)
Creators: Tony Isabella, Arvell Jones

Misty Knight debuted in Marvel Premiere #21 in 1975, at a time when blaxploitation and kung-fu movies were a real force in the mainstream. She began her career doing small appearances in books like Premiere and Marvel Team-Up alongside detective Colleen Wing, but she eventually carved out a niche following and was soon a regular in the X-Men comics, as well as Power Man and Iron Fist stories.

Knight is a bionically enhanced detective with strong martial-arts skills and a boisterous personality—in other words, the complete opposite of the other women at the company. Kudos to Marvel's writers for fashioning her into a self-sufficient character that doesn’t wait around to be saved by her male partners.

Despite the camp of her original appearances, Misty is a refreshing figure for all readers to look up to. She's never over sexualized, and never gimmicky. Sadly, that's rare in the superhero genre.