First Appearance: DC Comics Presents #26 (1980)
Creators: Marv Wolfman, George Perez

After an intellectually-enhanced teenager named Victor Stone was severely injured in an experiment at S.T.A.R. Labs, the boy's father equipped him with cybernetic prosthetics to save his life. But after being ostracized because of his deformities, Victor linked with the Teen Titans.

Cyborg, as he’s come to be known, became one of DC’s most popular heroes outside of the Justice League. Despite the sci-fi trappings of his story, his social struggles kept readers relating, which led to the company including the character in many cartoons over the years.

As popular as the character was during the ‘80s, it doesn't compare to DC’s recent push to make Cyborg a top name. When the New 52 launched in September of 2011, Victor Stone was re-introduced to readers as a member of the Justice League. From Teen Titan to Justice Leaguer, Cyborg has established himself as one of the premier heroes at the company.