This is some tough news to swallow for comic book fans. According to writer John Layman on his official Twitter account, the proposed Chew TV series that Showtime was going to put into production is now dead. Here is the tweet:

We haven’t heard much about the show in recent months, but with the success of The Walking Dead, we just assumed that the network would do anything to try and get into the comic book game. For those who don’t know, Chew is a series from Image Comics that was created by Layman and artist Rob Guillory in 2009. It centers on a detective for the FDA named Tony Chu, who has the ability to get a psychic impression from anything that he consumes.

This power allows him to solve crimes by simply nibbling on some evidence. Of course this leads to some disgusting snacks and cannibalism along the way, but it’s all in the name of justice, right? We’re not too worried about the show's future because there are likely plenty of networks out there that would want to jump on the Chew bandwagon, especially with the cult following the book has gained in recent years.

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[via Twitter]