Get Out of My Way!

Modern shooters have a lot of information to feed the player. From mini-maps to ammo counters, there are a lot of elements that can take up space on the screen when you’re trying to catch the enemy in your sights. Killzone: Mercenary has all of the traditional HUD elements, but it also features some on-screen buttons that take up additional visual real estate. Combine that with objective markers, level progression counters, damage indicators and more the screen can become incredibly cluttered given the Vita’s pocket-sized proportions.

This got especially frustrating mid-firefight when iron sights were pulled up and the screen started fading to black-and-white as I got clipped over and over because I couldn’t make out where my enemies were thanks to the lack of peripheral vision. Hopefully Guerilla Games will reduce the overall footprint of the various elements or at least provide options for reducing their presence, but if they don’t you can expect a few moments where you’ll just be blind-firing in hopes you hit whatever’s attacking you.