Manolo Blahnik is one of the most influential shoe designers out there (if not THE most), and it's too bad a lot of people only associate his work with Sex and the City. At age 70, he rarely gives interviews, but when he does, he brings out his full-on grumpy old man. He dresses a lot of Hollywood stars, but he just can't seem to remember them.

In Interview, he calls Salma Hayek "that tiny woman from, Mexico." He laments the fact that Lara Flynn Boyle isn't working more instead of say, Anne Hathaway. Admittedly, a lot of people don't like Hathaway, but still. Blahnik says he only remembers Julia Roberts because she's "particular." Julia Roberts!

"Anne Hathaway...Pretty? Yes. Wonderful actress? Yes. But, I mean, I don't even remember her. What is it about her?" he said. He also "doesn't know Amanda Seyfried or whatever." Well, he obviously remembers them enough to say they're not worth remembering. 

We can't tell if this just a case of "kids these days" or if he's being a dick. And, weirdly, they spend the whole Q&A talking about random movies instead of fashion or his work. 

He loves Claire Danes, though.

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