Address: 2409 Shady Ave., Squirrel Hill
Mac Says: "By the time I got to 'Dice, I was trying to make music whenever I could. And get high. And have sex. Originally, because I played lacrosse and basketball, I went to a private school for freshman and sophomore year. The difference between private and public school is, at private school, you go and you have no choice: You are either a successful student or you get in trouble. You gotta do your work, which I never did. But then, when I went to public high school, I could do whatever the fuck I wanted. I'd skip or just sleep. Not just nod off in class—fucking sleep. I had teachers that would let me come into their rooms and sleep through other classes. Say I had fourth period English. At second period, I would go to English and just sleep until it was time for class. There were certain teachers I was cool with, and they let me. Then, my senior year, I was voted "Most Likely to Become a Rapper' and 'Most Likely to Be Famous.' And now that shit is true."