In addition to being the nation's capital, the District of Columbia is also the cheating capital of America. For the second straight year, dating website has named D.C. the "Least Faithful City in America." If you didn't already know (you filthy, cheater), the website is for, um, "extramarital dating" and claims that D.C. has the most registered users in the country.

According to data, D.C. had about 38,000 registered users last year, and 34,157 new members were added over the course of the year. Coming up second and third were Austin and Houston. The latter is the site for NBA All-Star Weekend, where there's sure to be an abundance of cheating and other lewd activity in just a few days.

Ashley Madison CEO Noel Biderman isn't the least bit surprised that D.C. wears the cheater's crown of thorns. Politics and extramarital funny-business go hand-in-hand, unfortunately. Just last fall, the website announced that D.C. was also home to the second-highest collection of mistresses in America.

Sex, lies, politics, rampant porn habits and racist sports team names—sometimes, D.C. just can't get right. Or go wrong, depending on your perspective.

[via DCist]