Gothamist examined 311 data from the past two years to determine which NYC neighborhoods have the most public drinking complaints. The fruit of their labor is an interactive map which show that the Lower East Side, Williamsburg, Hamilton Heights, Washington Heights and East Harlem are the worst.

Conversely, the Financial District, Midtown, Red Hook, the Upper East and West Sides and Dumbo are very quiet when it comes to this. Because public drinking and public urination go hand in wasted hand, they also made an interactive map that highlights public urination complaints. The second map shows both public drinking and urination complaints.

Union Square, Randalls Island and Greenpoint are the biggest public urination offenders. Also, people complain about urination in Chelsea and Midtown East far more than drinking. Nobody seems to care on Staten Island, or west of East Flushing, so piss away.

[via Gothamist]