Facebook's graph tool makes search more intuitive and might even disrupt online dating

But now the tech world fears it could put lives at risk, as Tom Scott—the prankster behind Soul Compare, a parody of insurance life valuation tools—revealed its dark side in a Tumblr called Actual Facebook Graph Searches

The Tumblr shows screengrabs of some pretty disturbing searches that have been making the rounds on Twitter including "Mothers of Jews who like Bacon" and "Current Employers of People who like Racism."

And pity whoever's profile appears in those searches, lest they be punished with violence—or worse. As Daily Dot points out, "homosexuality is illegal in Iran, and punishable by death," while in China, fans of the "banned spiritual practice" Falun Gong might find themselves being watched by authorities. And of course, the country bans Facebook outright.  

But those are only two of several likely scenarios, which could also threaten jobs, employment prospects and put strains on a marriage. Have Zuck & co. unlocked a Pandora's box?

[via Daily Dot]