Co-Branded Marketing

Perpetrators: Microsoft, Sony

Worst Example: Halo 4

Hey, while you're enjoying this extended rant of an article, why don't you relax with some delicious Oreo Cakesters and wash it down with a gallon of Strawberry Nesquick? Inside each package is a special code that'll get you access to an article supplement that includes an additional 5 topics, just as vitriolic as this one!

That sounds ridiculous, right? Well then why the hell are we all okay with the fact that snack food companies are providing the means for players to buy their way to faster level progression, exclusive content, and all sorts of other balance-bending stuff? It's one thing to have Master Chief's face plastered on the side of a bag of Doritos, but it's another thing altogether when you can eat your way to success.

The Solution: Keep your co-branding dollars, but stop making it affect the game