Bitching About Review Scores

Perpetrators: Fanboys

Worst Example: Uncharted 3

Video game review scores are at best there to inform you with an at-a-glance assessment of a game's quality as seen through the eyes of one particular individual. Taste however is subjective and these scores are not the be-all-end-all judgment on the overall quality of a product. However, this doesn't stop fanboys and angry commenters from losing their shit any time a writer expresses an opinion that deviates from their own, even a fraction.

The idea that a game getting an 8 (or god forbid a 7) is somehow a negative because it doesn't stand up to your inflated views of it is the very definition of lunacy. You're going to disagree with review scores and passionate debates can come out of them; that's the point. However, losing your shit, devaluing a product, or saying that someone is wrong for their opinion is not a productive, useful, or constructive use of the tool that's been provided to you.

The Solution: Use review scores to educate yourself, not define your taste.