Address: 416 East 6th St.
Website: N/A

“Shot! Shot! Shot!” yells every slimeball who frequents this place, at every possible moment. We don’t think Cheers gets its name from any relation to the old '80s sitcom. This is an absurdly cheap shot bar where they've created a wall of shots for you to choose from. Waitresses walk around with tray tables of—you guessed it—shots. There is a constant, semi-permeable stench emanating from the walls and floor where people have previously puked, spilled something, or released other questionable liquids. This is not the type of place where you take a shot, and leave. It’s a hangout where collegiate pricks stick around and drink until they either—you guessed it—fall down, puke, or spill something on you. And that’s pretty much where the roulette wheel of shit ends at Cheers. With you drinking shots until nobody remembers anybody’s name, because they're ashamed they even knew it in the first place.