Pebble smart watch is having a tough week. Not only is the startup device maker running short on supply—it shipped fewer than 500 units to Kickstarter backers in its first batch Jan. 23—its iOS app hasn't been approved by Apple, though it was submitted more than two weeks ago, and only black watches are in stock.

Pebble assured backers that shipments are on the way, but those who didn't get their order in early—and helped the company amass nearly $10 million in funding last April—are probably miffed. They also can't check the site for updates (though the company promised to fix that soon). 

On the plus side for Android owners, Pebble's app is set to sell in the Google Play store Thursday. 

The notion of a wearable computer had tech sites last year salivating over Pebble, an e-paper smart watch that uses Bluetooth. Rumors are flying that Apple's at work on a smart watch of its own, but that remains to be seen.

[via Cult of Android]