Yesterday, the Department of Education announced that the city is on the verge of closing 17 schools due to their poor performance. This includes the Herbert H. Lehman High School in The Bronx, the High School of Graphic Communication Arts in Hell's Kitchen and Sheepshead Bay High School in Brooklyn, all of which face the guillotine after being named among as 60 struggling schools late last year.

A second round of closures, where schools will be eliminated one grade at a time after students graduate, is expected to be announced today. Of the 17 schools, six received "F's" and nine received "D's." The other two were given "C's." Below, you'll find the list of schools:


02M62 High School of Graphic Communication Arts — high school phase-out

04M045 M.S. 45/S.T.A.R.S. Prep Academy — middle school closure

05M469 Choir Academy of Harlem — secondary school phase-out

05M685 Bread & Roses Integrated Arts High School — high school phase-out


07X203 M.S. 203 — middle school phase-out

08X405 Herbert H. Lehman High School — high school phase-out

09X064 P.S. 064 Pura Belpre — elementary school phase-out

09X414 Jonathan Levin High School for Media and Communications — high school phase-out

11X142 MS 142 John Philip Sousa — middle school phase-out


13K509 Freedom Academy High School — high school closure

17K167 P.S. 167 The Parkway — elementary school phase-out

19K166 J.H.S. 166 George Gershwin — middle school phase-out

19K302 J.H.S. 302 Rafael Cordero — middle school phase-out

22K495 Sheepshead Bay High School — high school phase-out

23K634 General D. Chappie James Middle School of Science — middle school phase-out


28Q140 P.S. 140 Edward K Ellington — elementary school phase-out

29Q494 Law, Government and Community Service High School — high school phase-out

Charter Schools:

Two charter schools, the Mott Haven Academy Charter School and the Bronx Community Charter School, which had both been flagged as struggling, were given conditional renewals for three years.

[via DNAinfo]