With the April release of Scary Movie 5 quickly approaching, TMZ caught up with one of the franchise's original writers, Marlon Wayans, to get his take on the new film. If you don't recall, Wayans and his brothers, Shawn and Keenen, were pushed out of the franchise after the second film, and it continued without them for the third, fourth, and now fifth films.

So, though he's found success with the release of his new horror movie spoof A Haunted House earlier this month, what does Wayans think of the series still continuing without him?

"I think every time I get a residual from Scary Movie," Wayans told TMZ, "I wipe my ass with it. Or I drink a lot of liquor...piss on it...and light it on fire." Oh. "But I'm not angry." Definitely not. 

This isn't the first time in recent weeks that Wayans has spoken about about his departure from the film franchise. In our interview with him earlier this month, Wayans said that he finds the franchise unrecognizable now, and that it "makes no damn sense."

"We watched our own franchise go to shit. Scary Movie was a good franchise that we started—now, I don't know what the hell it is. It's as bad as one of those other movies. It makes no damn sense. I'm glad we make it look easy, but now it's time for us to come back and do it the right way. And people now will be able to see, especially since Scary Movie 5 comes out four months after my movie. People will finally see who has the real formula. It's not on some competition shit—this is just what we do.

You can take the franchise we created, but you can't take the talent and jokes behind it. You can only fool audiences but for so long, and for so long the audiences have been fooled. They got fooled on Scary Movie 3 and they got fooled on Scary Movie 4. Now, we'll see who got the goods. I don't wish the people behind Scary Movie 5 anything bad, though. I wish them love. I just know that mine is going to make people laugh. I don't know what theirs is going to do."

Additionally, in an interview with the Chicago Tribune earlier this month, Wayans commented that he could "literally do a book with all that transpired" surrounding the situation, and explained:

"What my brothers and I did was take a $19 million movie and we made it into a half-a-billion-dollar franchise. We got rushed to do a sequel. It still performed, but not the way we wanted it to. It wasn't as good as the first one. It was all right. It wasn't using its jab or hook. It was just right hand, right hand, right hand. It was a little more desperate. And then we read in the trades one day they were doing "Scary Movie 3" with somebody else. We were like, "Wow, that's interesting." They took a franchise we did and that bombed."

Can't really blame the guy for being mad. You can check out the video of his talk with TMZ above.

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[via TMZ]