When gaming headphones were first introduced, we definitely went through a couple of pairs trying to find the perfect set. Obviously, sound was of the utmost importance but we couldn’t get over faulty durability and style. Now, thanks to EA SPORTS and Monster, we’ve finally found a pair that’s matched our expectations in quality, performance and design.

The MVP Carbon headphone has been in the works for several years and recently made its debut at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Seeing how EA and Monster are two of the best in their respective fields, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to meet with Chris Erb (EA SPORTS VP of Brand Marketing), Noel Lee (Founder/CEO of Monster), and Elbert Lee (Monster’s Sr. Product Manager) to discuss their highly anticipated, game-changing collaboration.

Interview by Justin Korkidis (@Say_WordYo)

Can you tell us about the recent partnership between EA SPORTS and Monster, and how the MVP Carbon came about?
Chris Erb: The video game industry has seen a lot of changes over the years and it's really about the shift into social and mobile gaming. So we wondered how we could expand the brand and make gaming better for people through some of the mobile platforms.

Elbert Lee: We've seen a lot of licensing deals with gaming companies and headset manufacturers. There's always an existing headphone, and they take a game title and brand that headset with whatever the game title is. What we do with music is go into the artist's studio and find out what they want to hear, with EA, we said let's go back to the development side and see what those sound engineers expect their gamers to hear.


You see a lot of gaming products out there with a logo that's been slapped on but we wanted more of an ownership space where we could work together to build something great. - Chris Erb


Chris Erb: You see a lot of gaming products out there with a logo that's been slapped on but we wanted more of an ownership space where we could work together to build something great. So, that sparked the conversation with Noel, the founder of Monster, of what is considered a great headset. We connected our audio engineers with Monster's crew to figure out the technical aspect of the high quality sound and how we'd differentiate ourselves from what’s available on the market.

Noel Lee: With EA, it's been an incredible partnership. We've held back going into gaming before because the technology part doesn't come easy, especially when you're trying to design the best. With EA, it's about the top athletes. What I love about athletes is when they're not playing; they're in the game. When I listen to what gamers want and I look at what's out there, I see a lot of opportunity.

How long did it take for the MVP Carbon to get developed?
Chris Erb: I started talking to Monster about two-three years ago about introducing something really different to the market.

Elbert Lee: Before we even got into deals or agreements, we had to see what was authentic for EA, and where they want to go with their brand and customers as they shift into mobile. It's a fast-changing world when it comes to gaming. For Monster, it was how do we get into the gaming space and not do what everyone has already done. The design of the headphone, phonetics of the headphone, comfortability and mechanicals of the headphone, they all have aligned.

Christ Erb: It was a new experience for us to play around with colors and experiment with the look and feel. The original sketches were boxy. We also wanted the ear cups to be rounder to represent our logo so that sort-of redesign totaled about six or seven prototypes.

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