How's this for an alternate reality: In another world, Ryan Gosling could have been a member of The Backstreet Boys. In a recent interview with Celebuzz, the actor revealed that he used to live in an apartment complex in Florida with band member A.J. McLean, right around the time that the band was being formed and Gosling had just joined up with The Mickey Mouse Club.

According to Gosling, he used to tell McLean that he didn't think the band would be a success. "They were just forming that band, so he was saying how big they were going to be — and he had a poster of them in his house. We were’s never going to happen. Didn’t they already do that with New Kids? You’re a little late," Gosling explained. "Cut to … I was wrong."

Gosling goes on to joke that he would have joined the band if McLean had returned his calls once the guys made it big. Speaking to TMZ this weekend, McLean said he never intentionally blew Gosling off, he just doesn't have his phone number. It does make you wonder, though - how would a world where Ryan Gosling was a member of The Backstreet Boys be different? "Hey Girl" does sound like it would be the name of a hit boy band song. 

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[via TMZ]