Date: February 2012

18-year-old Ramarley Graham was shot and killed by an NYPD officer inside of his grandmother's Bronx apartment early last year. Police stormed into the apartment and Officer Richard Haste shot the unarmed Graham in the chest as he was trying to flush a bag of marijuana down the toilet. Police did not have a warrant to enter the home. The NYPD claimed that members of a narcotics street team saw a gun in Graham's waistband as he left a convenience store, and that he fled towards his home when two plainclothes officers ordered him to stop. Police followed and entered the apartment, and investigators claim that Haste's partner says that Haste identified himself as a police officer, ordered Graham to "show his hands," and then yelled, "Gun, gun," before opening fire. However, Graham's grandmother says that officers never announced themselves and that Haste said nothing before shooting Graham.

The New York Daily News claimed that Haste had not been trained for street-level narcotics work, nor was he trained for plainclothes work. Haste and his supervisor were relieved of their weapons and placed on restricted duty.