The last time Sean Young did anything approaching even a sliver of relevance, it was “Sean Young Isn’t Crazy” a fall 2011 viral video that…mocked that one wacky time when she visited the Late Show (What is it about Dave that attracts the nutjobs?) with a video of her parading around Hollywood in her homemade Catwoman costume begging for acting work. This was after she paraded around the Warner Bros. lot in the costume, doing her best (read: the worst) Eartha Kitt impression and purring nonsensically at Michael Keaton and Tim Burton in a desperate bid to get the role in Batman Returns.

So yes, Sean Young is in fact, out of her mind. And those don’t even begin to cover her greatest hits. In the past decade the C-list actress has been escorted from at least three awards events: once for heckling an award recipient to just “get to it!” mid acceptance speech, and twice for trying to sneak in uninvited.

She was reportedly hell on the Wall Street set, jealous that she was only playing Gordon Gekko’s wife instead of Daryl Hannah’s meatier, flashier role, and walked off with her entire set wardrobe at the end of shooting as consolation.

And depending on who’s telling the story, she once obsessively stalked James Woods after their late ’80s romance ended. Call us crazy but we’re inclined to believe James on this one.