Too many men focus on the penis-in-vagina part of sex, and overlook the rest of it. If you just thought, "What rest of it?" we're talking to you.

Foreplay is all the action that leads to the main event. It's everything from the first touch or whispered suggestion, to the moment of penetration. And here's something she wishes you knew—the more time you spend on her before, the more exciting it will be for her during. It's both a mental and physical warm-up. 

If you're already a pro at foreplay, switch your style up. Surprise her. If oral sex is your go to, try using your hands instead. Tease more. At its best, foreplay is the opposite of instant gratification. It a game you play together, where you mutually put off something you both want until the final possible moment. By allowing desire to build, and inciting a chase, the moment you get what you want becomes that much more satisfying.