You know those scenes in the Mission: Impossible movies where someone rips off a fake face to reveal that they're an agent in disguise? Internet dating can be a lot like that, with broken hearts and hard feelings providing the impetus for toying with someone's emotions.

Take Jasmine and Mhissy’s situation for example. Jasmine thought she was talking to a guy named Mike, but when Nev and Max did a little digging, they discovered a weird connection between Mike and Jasmine’s ex-boyfriend Triggs—not to mention that Mike’s photos were popping up on a completely different person’s Facebook page as well. Turns out, “Mike” was actually Mhissy, Triggs’s new girlfriend who had been using the identity of Mike to get revenge on Jasmine because of past events that had occurred between the two of them and Triggs. 

Though this situation sucks, let's put that aside for a moment and take a look at Mhissy’s methods: It was especially easy for her to get the photos—she just found someone’s Facebook that wasn’t set to private and pulled as many as she could—and to make Jasmine believe that she was really Mike, she had two different male friends on two different occasions pose as him to talk to Jasmine on the phone. It didn’t take a lot of effort on Mhissy’s part, and the whole plot was able to go on for two years because Jasmine put her blind trust in someone she’d never met before.

It sounds jaded, but on the Internet as in the rest of your life, don't trust anyone. Everyone is conspiring against you.