Even if you’re only a casual fan of comic books and the caped crusader, there is absolutely no reason not to be reading DC’s Batman series at the moment. The combination of Scott Snyder’s tense, action-packed scripts and Greg Capullo’s twisted art has made this title a must-buy every month. In fact, we’re arguing that this take on the Dark Knight is the best we have seen in well over a decade – even better than the Christopher Nolan movies.

And in issue #15, which hits stands next Wednesday, Batman trades blows with the Joker as Snyder and Capullo continue their epic “Death of the Family” storyline. With Alfred missing and the Joker in possession of all of Batman’s secrets, the Clown Prince of Crime finally has the Dark Knight right where he wants him. Check out a five-page preview of the issue below, courtesy of Entertainment Weekly.

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[via EW]